My Treasure Hunter is Free too!


My Treasure Hunter is Free! We'll be adding a premium service later in the year which will allow you to perform searches more frequently but, for now at least, My Treasure Hunter is all free. We're not interested in selling your names either and guarantee we will not publish your account information to anyone.

Tickets for your favorite band!

Bruce Springsteen

Maybe you are waiting for Springsteen to come back to Austin? Instead of checking the local ticket sites every day, just set-up a search with My Treasure Hunter to look for a Bruce Springsteen and when The Boss is back you'll be automatically notified. Doesn't matter if you want to check multiple sites at the same time - My Treasure Hunter will be there for you everyday, and only when Bruce is finally back will you be notified!

Goodbye to annoying ebay listings.

Strong Box Escape

Sometimes on ebay you find that a whole category is flooded with listings of items you have zero interest in, but you still have to to wade through them all. Not so with My Treasure Hunter! It will allow you to filter out particular users or patterns and publish all the images from multiple listings all on one page so that you can quickly scan for the good stuff. It makes it really easy to spot the real Treasures!

Automatically Google your way to Treasure!

Crandall Comedy Card Duck

My Treasure Hunter is not a search engine.

It can be used to run searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other sites that have search, but it is not in itself a search engine. What it allows you to do is create different searches that you want to check on a periodic basis and it will only report when there are new links or images. In this way instead of having to go to many of the same sites every day/week looking for anything new, My Treasure Hunter will do it for you and only contact you when it actually finds something new. It is perfect for looking at sites that have a What's New section, because now only when truly new items are listed will you get notifications. And it doesn't matter how new or old the sites are - they don't need RSS feeds or any of the Web 2.0 facilities. As long as they are public sites My Treasure Hunter will be able to track down the changes.