Why Am I Not Getting Any Emails?

Some people have asked why they are not getting emails now that they have signed up with My Treasure Hunter. Well you have to tell us which sites you want to watch before we can watch them.

For example, find your favorite What's New page and fill it in on the Link Watch tab.

Then within a day if that page has new products you'll get an email.

You can sign up for as many links as you want and you'll get one concise and combined email when there are changes.

Beta Testing is Now live!

Astro Ball Cabinet

Great News! I am pleased to announce that you can now sign-up on My Treasure Hunter and start watching your favorite links. Remember you should add in links (on the Link Watch or Advanced Link Watch Tab) that change when new items are add. Pages like What's New are perfect.

I'm sure there will be a few issues early on, but the more feedback we get the better we can make this service. I've been using it for months now and it really has helped me track down the treasures out there!

Sneaking past the Banners!

Example My Treasure Hunter Email

One of the great things about the My Treasure Hunter emails is that they are just filled with photos and links of new items, and normally you can go directly to the new products without having to view advertising banners and other promotions before seeing the products.

Beta Testing Soon!

Bob Kline Nest of Boxes

We've almost finished the core development pieces and will be opening up the site for Beta users around October/November so stay tuned! Treasure has never been so easy to find!