What Does My Treasure Hunter do?

My Treasure Hunter is your personal information tracker! This FREE service will monitor all your favorite web pages as often as you want and then send you a single email with all the latest updates. It’s concise, simple, and totally free ... it’s time to tame the information beast! Click here to sign up now.

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My Wife's Favorite Purse

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily bag in leopard print "pony hair"

I fell in love with this beautiful Miss Sicily bag in leopard print "pony hair" in the Dolce & Gabbana store on a trip to New York City last fall. It was way out of my price range, but I plugged in a few searches into My Treasure Hunter and a few weeks ago a gently used one showed up at $2000 less than retail.

I was so happy I snapped it up straight away. My wife was very pleased too!

You see it is not just for magic tricks!

Woah! Why so many images?

Tabletop Croquet Trick

Sometimes when you add a new link to watch, you will get lots of images that you're not interested in. Things like banners, for sale signs, buy now signs, and other upsell items. This is because the engine that powers My Treasure Hunter returns all the "new" images to you. New means images that it has not sent you before. But once it has run a few times most of this "noise" will be removed and you'll just be viewing new images and links that interest you.

Unlike most other sites, My Treasure Hunter will only send you links and photos once, so if you don't have to wade through to find the truly new items.

It's not just for Magic Tricks!

Reg Donnelly Multiplying Bottles

My hobby is collecting and performing Magic so naturally I use My Treasure Hunter for finding cool magic items. Just like this wonderful set of Multiplying Bottles that had been discontinued.

However, I have a friend who reads avidly and likes to keep up with all the latest books and reviews. So he uses My Treasure Hunter to keep an eye on various book sites, such as:


It sometimes takes a few days for the engine to normalize but after that he just gets a concise email of new images and links without having to visit the site every day. He loves it!

I think if you give it a try by filling it this form and give it a few days to settle down you will pleasantly be surprised.

I now track over 100 different pages all over the web.